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Shallow but good!

It's a pretty good, laid back song. Work on variation though!

Perfecto57 responds:

Thanks for the comment. I was just having a mess about with some new sounds I created. This is a mere 30 minutes of work tops.


Not bad

You might want to look into "Limiters" though. Heard some pretty bad clipping there - and whily dynamics are nice, too much are plain bothersome. Otherwise it's a good song!

Cut the reverb

While it might sound epic, it takes the substance from your song.
Effects are like Salt - too much and it's hard to swallow.
Otherwise I'm not sure since it sounds quite a lot like you used a MIDI and just put some VSTi on there - i could be wrong, therefore 7 instead of 0.


I would probably have missed it - but your mastering is way too bad for someone who's able to make music without Samples.

Pumps nicely!

Only problem is the Arp that comes in around 2:30... not the arp itself, rather its' melody. Otherwise great job!

Lots of Potential

I'd say stop building it up and add a bridge when you add in the Arp and just go for a "all in" where your whole instrumental setup starts playing, leading into the chorus - that way you give the listeners some gratifiction for their patience with the starting pad - which is very nicely put together btw!

tigger888 responds:

Thanks!! I am adding lots of other instruments, and i am going to make the intro pad more interesting and dynamic for the intro.

Not bad!

I expected it to build up a LOT more though. Definately room for improvement.

LewisandJenkins responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I redid the song and built it up more and reposted it! Plz check it out


Shows not a single bit of anything that makes music great. You've got absolutely no depth, no rythm no nothing. Learn to limit, equalize and take time for your music!

Sonucais responds:

Zero... Now I seen everything.

Good job

It lacks depth though. It doesn't really feel like an underground adventure, more like a plane diving through clouds.
You could've done alot more with this. What you did is very good though.

Well done.

I'm on cloud 7. Successful Ambient.

Reasoner responds:

Thanks :)


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